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Other than that, Rice either exceeded or equaled the success enjoyed by the current Good Morning America co-host, who clearly deserves to be in Canton.Rice’s sacks-per-game average is right there with other legendary Hall of Fame defensive ends Bruce Smith and Kevin Greene. There were times last summer when Simeon Rice wanted nothing more than to return to the South Side and play for the Bears. "I've read the newspapers before when it was about other places or other situations.

In a highly-informative article by Scott Smith on, Rice’s achievements are compared favorably with any defensive end currently in the Hall.Despite shoulder injury that held him to 11 games, he led league in passing. Spectacular as a second-year player, he can't get much better without taking teammates to Super Bowl. "Nothing's been signed," Bucs spokesman Reggie Roberts said.Donald Dorham stands on the threshold of making a little football history. Carmel football, only one player has won three state titles.Yet the new pass rusher is in the camera's eye, one of the many NFL players who changed addresses hoping to put teams over the top this season. The team, which upgraded the offense by signing free agent Brad Johnson and claiming a second high-priced quarterback off waivers, is on the verge of a contract agreement with former Arizona Cardinals defensive end Simeon Rice.Tribune pro football reporter Don Pierson takes a look around the NFL UP AND COMING Brian Griese, QB, Broncos. If he shows normal improvement, Vikings will bounce. Talks continued Thursday as the Bucs denied a CBS Sports report that the club and Rice had agreed to terms of a five-year, million deal.

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